A Reason For Hope Amidst This Time of Crisis: A Quote From Fr. Ripperger

This content is taken from a lecture given by Fr. Chad Ripperger on the theological virtue of Hope and it is transcribed here by Tony Capobianco.


Permission to transcribe excerpts from Father’s talks was sought and permission was granted. The copyright remains that of Sensus Traditionis.

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Sometimes people lack confidence in the power of God’s grace to support us in trouble, or during a time of temptation. So they fail to turn to God when they need help. Now, I think this is an important point because many of us, particularly those in the traditional movement, don’t have a lot of Hope. It’s because they look around, they see all the negative things in the Church and in the world and they think, ‘things are bad... are bad... things are bad.’ Yes, they are bad. But what they fail to realize is that because God is infinitely powerful, through a single act of His own, which on His side is nothing, He could transform the entire world into perfection instantaneously, without hardly any effort on His part whatsoever. But He’s not. He’s not doing it because He’s teaching us a lesson. He’s teaching us a lesson that without Him, without depending on Him,  without the Virtue of Hope, this is what man will fall into. This is what man will become. If you try to depend on yourselves, this is the product you’re going to see and that’s one of the principal things He’s trying to teach us. So instead of looking at the world and the Church and seeing how bad it is and saying, ‘I’m losing hope’, rather it should tell us, ‘No! This aside, I’ve got to Hope more in God.’ We should be hoping more in God and quit relying on ourselves to solve our problems.
— (Fr. Ripperger, Lecture on the theological virtue of Hope)