Conference on Exorcism by Fr. Ripperger: Transcription

This content is taken from a lecture given by Fr. Chad Ripperger on exorcism and it is transcribed here by Tony Capobianco.

Artist: Antonio Vivarini. Title: Saint Peter Martyr Exorcizing a Woman Possessed by a Devil. Between 1440 & 1455. This work is in the public domain. {{PD}}

Artist: Antonio Vivarini. Title: Saint Peter Martyr Exorcizing a Woman Possessed by a Devil. Between 1440 & 1455. This work is in the public domain. {{PD}}

Permission to transcribe Father’s lecture was sought and permission was granted. The copyright remains that of Sensus Traditionis.

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When Adam and Eve fell, the spiritual writers tell us, the Fathers of the Church tell us that Eve committed five sins in the Fall and don't feel bad, Adam committed eight (sins) in the Fall. One of the first sins she committed was when she saw the snake talking and she says, “Well this is interesting.” Now, she had infused knowledge. The Fathers of the Church tell us that she had infused knowledge and she knew that she should not be paying attention to this thing. That sin, the Fathers call is curiosity. It’s the vice or the sin in which you pursue knowledge that’s not proper to your state in life. Unfortunately today most people are watching a lot of TV, watching a lot of programs because they are very curious about the types of things (exorcism and demons) that we're going to talk about tonight. Which is probably why half of you are here tonight. Right?

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But there is a side to this spiritual warfare and the spiritual battle and maybe perhaps some aspects of exorcism that would be helpful for you to know for your spiritual lives because they'll actually help you to understand the reality a little bit better of what you're dealing with. The angels when they were created were created in a hierarchy. Now, there's a large number of them obviously. They say in fact that the material universe only constitutes 1% of God's creation. So if you think of the size of the universe that's only 1% of what He actually created. The reason we can know this is because of the fact that if there's a guardian angel for every single one of us, that means there's just, billions, billions of angels just at the lowest level and there are nine choirs (of angels). Right. So that gives you an idea of how many there are.

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Now according to Revelation, we know a third of them fell. They refused (to serve Christ) and their fall always is about Christ in relationship. There's always some aspect about Christ that they will not accept. So for example, St. Louis Marie de Montfort tells us that Satan fell because he would not serve Our Lady, especially because of the fact that our Lord revealed to him, that there was going to be a woman that would so outstrip him in grace that she would have more grace than all of the people and all of the saints and all the angels combined and he (Satan) wouldn’t stand for it. So he wouldn't serve. Non Serviam, I will not serve. He would not serve Christ because of the fact that he would not submit to Our Lady, that's what St. Louis Marie de Montfort tells us. So every demon that you come across, there’s always some aspect (in relation) of Christ that was the reason why they fell.

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I tell people that being an exorcist is largely a matter of playing the game Simon Says, aside from the fact that you're on the receiving end of a sewer pipe most of the time. It's really a matter of playing Simon Says. Now, Simon Says of course, is that if you don't say “Simon says” then people  don’t do anything right? Then they just stand there. Well, the demons are the exact same way except Simon happens to have the name of Christ. He's the only one, His name is the only one or anybody who is redeemed by virtue of Him and to whom He has given authority, they are the only ones in which can have any impact on the demons whatsoever.

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In fact, even the Protestants know this. The Anglicans in fact, I've been told numerous times in England if someone's possessed they say, “Go to the Catholics”, because they know that the Catholics actually have an understanding of this because we've been working with this for thousands of years. In fact, the ritual which I use in exorcism is actually over 1700 years old. It’s the same ritual that was used by St. Gregory the Great and all the saints throughout time. Okay, so, to the point.

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There are six ways in which you can get influenced by the demons. The first one is the ordinary way, which all of us are subject to in this life, save one person, Our Lady. Our Lady is the only one who was not subject to temptation in this life. That's one of the reasons why She’s called “Virgin Inviolate”. She was not subject to temptation. The rest of us are subject to temptation which just means what? The demons have, after Adam and Eve fell, they ceded certain influence of the demons over our bodies. That’s where the battleground is. It's the body. It's your body. It’s the flesh, it’s the thing that they use against you... all the things in the world appeal to the flesh and so those are the things that they use to appeal to you bodily. 

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They can influence any aspect of your body, which means your imagination. Anytime you've committed a sin, it's in your memory. Well, first of all, they already know about it, because they've seen it, except for the ones that are purely mental. They’ve already seen everything that you've done and so what they can do is they can go back into your memory and pull it and dig it out and use it as a form of temptation. This is one of the reasons why you have to pray for the grace of forgetfulness. For older people it's much easier than the rest of us, but you just have to pray for it. So the point being is that they can use these temptations and all of us are subject to that to one degree or another. Normally the temptations are in areas that you need to work on a little bit and you need to kind of deal with; that is you probably have some type of lack of virtue in that area and that's why Our Lord is allowing it to happen.

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The next five are all what we call extraordinary forms of diabolic influence.

1.) The first one is called Oppression and it’s primarily external to the individual. It deals with their health. Their health will start to go down hill. Their relationships will all of a sudden just implode for no reason whatsoever. They’ll lose their job, their finances go to pot. Things like that are examples of Oppression. These are the types of things that demons can do and sometimes it can be quite extraordinary. You know, people can be just totally normal people, they just walk into work one day, they get fired for no reason whatsoever. They go home and their wife leaves them and the next thing you know she's taken all of the money. So it can be literally on that kind of a level and the oppression can be rather serious. There's a form of oppression which your seeing more of today that you have not seen too often in the past, but it is starting to become more and more common and that's where the demons don't possess the individual, but they still talk through them. It's the same thing that happens in seances. Seances aren't conjuring up some kind of dead spirits, all it is, is a door opener. It’s a door opener to the demons to insert themselves and actually talk through the individual or do certain things and that kind of a thing you're actually seeing. So sometimes you actually have a demon possessing an individual but there's a higher demon that actually can act through (the lower demon) but it's not the possessor because Christ hasn't allowed it. And that brings up another issue. Spiritual warfare. We are all stuck in this thing. We're all in it. There's nobody that is excluded from it. Most people spend most of their time and their life running from it, trying to get involved in things which will actually make life easier and feel better and all those kinds of things when in point and fact you're never going to be happy that way. The only way you’re really going to be happy is you have got to deal with your own defects and imperfections head on.

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Being an exorcist is pretty brutal sometimes. It’s really humiliating because they know what you've done and they can use it against you. They also know your defects and your weaknesses and they can use those against you. Of course that's one of the reasons why a consistent and habitual life of prayer is absolutely necessary. We'll talk about that later. In order to avoid becoming diabolically influenced a life of habitual prayer is necessary. The point is that we are all in it (spiritual warfare). All of us. We are all subject to it but Christ, because He’s the one that created the universe, He normally only allows the demons to act upon you to the degree that is ultimately going to be better for you spiritually. So for example, I know people who are possessed but they're extremely holy because they've accepted it. There have actually been saints who've been canonized who were possessed. They have accepted it as a cross which Christ asked them to bear. They moved on. They dealt with the battle. On the way they became extremely virtuous, heroically In fact. In fact I knew one woman who got to the point where before for her liberation she was practically sinless. She wasn't committing venial sin at all, on any kind of regular basis. In fact, I think at one point it was only once in six months that I did see her commit a venial sin. So Christ allows this in order for the person to become holy and to excel through the process. So people kind of run away from the spiritual warfare when in point in fact, no, Christ put you there because you’re supposed to be a soldier of Christ. This is especially so if you have been Confirmed, you're supposed to be a soldier of Christ, you're supposed to deal with this thing. Okay, so the first one is oppression, that's when they act on the outside.

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2.) The Next one is obsession. This is when the person's thoughts bombard them. The demons just bombard their thoughts. They can't get their mind off of a particular thing and they're just always fixated on it. You’re seeing a drastic rise in that because of pornography and things like that. People are watching that stuff. They're, reading it, and they're viewing it on TV, on computers, and things like that because it's so accessible and as a result, you’re seeing a lot of obsessions really getting extreme now.

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Recently, I wrote three books on psychology, which is actually why I kind of got sucked into this work. Originally, I was always trying to stay out of it. If you want to be an exorcist, there's already something wrong with you and you shouldn't be there. So I was in the diocese and because I had I taught in the seminary for 10 years and written these books on psychology, I was actually giving advice to psychologists or to exorcists already, because why?  I wrote books on St. Thomas’s approach to psychology and how different it is from the modern approach. Demons do not work with the modern paradigm at all. They don't. They are not even paying any attention to it. They do understand human psychology the same way St. Thomas did and that's why exorcists were calling me because they wanted to know how the faculties are related and how they were working and how the demons were affecting this and slowly but surely because I was the only one, there was a case that showed up in the diocese. The diocese didn't have an exorcist, told them to bring someone in and they said, “Okay, would you do it as a last resort?” I said, “Yeah, as a last resort.” So the next thing I know, I got stuck with all the caseload.

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The point being in all of this is that they did a study and they found out that at least 25% of college age students have either been on therapy or are currently on some type of psychotropic drugs. 25%. Which actually fits my theory, that the percentage of people that are diabolically obsessed in this country is somewhere around 25%. It is that high because too many people are simply doing things that are opening doors to let the demons in to effect them. They are committing grave matter, I mean serious sins, mortal sins. The Church has a reason why they call it mortal sin but what most people don't know is that the proper effect of every single mortal sin is possession. It's just that God blocks it in 99.9% of the cases. Why? Because when you're in the state of grace you're actually subject to God, but the minute you commit a mortal sin, you reject God and there's only one alternative. Either you are with God or you’re with Satan. So you're placing yourself under him and usually you're using your body in such a way that gravely offends Our Lord and actually empowers the demons. You see, what most people don't realize is that most of the people who show up on my doorstep are women.

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Now, there's two reasons for that. The saints say, the Fathers of the Church say it’s because Satan has a particular hatred for women because of the fact that She, that is Our Lady will crush his head. So he has a particular animus against women. The other reason is because women are victimized. Now why does that make a big difference? It comes down to this, from time to time people were calling us. They’ll say, “I think my house is infested with demons.” So you’ll go and you’ll look and you’ll find that, yeah they’re there. Then you find out later that somebody has done something, like engaged in witchcraft. I had a case once where it took a year to get the demon out of the house. We had to say Mass there several times. There were several things that had to be done and it was one of the stoutest demons. The way it got in is the woman engaged in witchcraft to try and make her husband recover from his illness. Of course as soon as she did it, two weeks later he's dead and the house is infested. Right? Not bright. Okay.

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So the point is this. If you use some other thing badly, it too is subject to Satan. What happens is when women, men, or even children are raped or molested, or abused, the problem is you're using them in a disordered fashion, and it opens the door so that Satan can get into the woman herself. Most people, again, who show up on my doorstep who are in fact possessed are women who have been raped, molested, or abused. This is one of the reasons why I personally think that rape ought to be a capital crime. Anyway, the point being is that if you use anything badly, then this is one of the things that can end up happening. So with obsession what happens is when you use your mind badly, well, then you open the door and Satan can end up influencing that (your mind). This is where people ask, “How do you tell the difference between whether it's psychological and when it's diabolic?” Well one of the principle ways is if they go to an exorcist and he says some prayers over them and if the person's mind clears out for like three days, all of the sudden for like two or three days or depending on how bad the obsession is. If the obsession is really bad they will say, “Well, for half a day, I didn't even have any temptations, didn't even think about it. I went totally about my business and all of a sudden, it slowly came back and I can get my mind off of it again.” That's a sign that it’s diabolic. If it's psychological, the prayers won’t make a hill of beans a difference and the person will still be obsessing. So that's one of the primary diagnostic tools that you can use in relationship to that.  One of the ways to protect yourself from obsessions is humility and we’ll talk about this a little bit more later. It's one of the most powerful things to protect yourself with, humility and prayer.

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3.) The next of course is possession. There are two kinds of possession. The first kind is called full possession. That's where the person's entire body is subject to the control of the demon that possesses and the person has by that stage, given their will entirely over to the demon. Yes, there are people who actually like being possessed. When people come to you, and they've got this problem of being possessed, one of the first questions you have to ask them is, “Do you really want to be liberated?” And you might say, “Well, it sounds brutal.” Well yeah because the thing is treating them like trash and because basically what demons do is they set up an abusive relationship.

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If you really want to understand  the relationship between demons and their victims then learn about abusive relationships. One of the most revealing things to me, I’ve been doing exorcisms for a while, and someone said, “Here, you got to read this book titled, The  Pysychology Of Abuse” and basically what I rediscovered is that demons set up an abusive relationship with the individual. First, they kind of suck the person in to treat them very nicely, so that the person gets under them and then they just verbally start hammering them and constantly blaming them for everything and things like that. So that's what they end up doing. There are sometimes that they'll set up a relationship where the person is doing things for the demons and as long as they do that, they're fine. Now sometimes, the person once they kind of turn on the demon, that's when they get ugly. Otherwise the demon will kind of keep giving them things in order so that they keep kind of doing the things that they want them to do. But then there are people who are perfectly possessed and never show up on the doorstep of an exorcist because they want to be possessed. They want to remain possessed. There are certain things that they get from the possession, a certain sense of empowerment, and things like that, but in point and fact sin is weakness.

Fr. Ripperger  17:17

Anytime you're doing exorcisms and you're trying to subjugate the demon, because your goal is to get him under your thumb so that you can force him to tell you what you need to do to get him out because you have to remember that Christ determines the entire battlefield and usually once the demon enters, Christ reveals to them the degree of possession, what part of the body they can possess, to what degree that they can actually act upon the individual, what preternatural things they can do... like can you levitate or not? You know, those kinds of things (are determined by Christ). Can you change shape? I call it morphing. That's a pretty common one. I mean, can they do that? That’s all predetermined by Christ. What languages they can speak is also predetermined. People have this idea that if the person is possessed, they can speak all these different languages but that's just not true because sometimes Christ will say you can only speak in this language and then that is the only language that they can speak in. If you try to get them to speak in any other language and the demons act stupid because they're blocked. Christ blocks them from being able to understand what's actually occurring. So, Christ predetermines all of that.

Fr. Ripperger  18:25

You’re trying to get them under your thumb and the way that is normally done, of course, is using the power of Christ, but also the power of the Church. When a priest does exorcisms, there are actually two kinds of people who are possessed. There’s the fully possessed or perfectly possessed and then there’s the partial possession. Partial possession just means that there's a part of the body that is possessed. Once you find out what that part of the body is you can continue with the exorcism. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to find out which part of the body is possessed, so I'll just hand the demon a relic after I’ve gotten control over them and say, “Place this on the part of the body that is possessed.” Then they stick it on the part of the body. Then I will say, “Hold it there.” Then he can't move because if you tell him, “By the power of Christ, I command  you: don't take your hand off that part of your body.” And so he's holding like a relic or something, going bananas of course, and he can't move his arm because the power of Christ has perfect coercive power over the demons. There's only one other person who does that. There is only one other person that has perfect coercive power of the demons and that's Our Lady. But, She never uses that coercive power, except to the degree that Christ deems that it is to be used and under the conditions because Christ also predetermines the conditions of liberation, what the person has to do, what the exorcist has to do, sometimes what the family has to do, in order to be liberated. So the point in all this is that usually the possession is partial.

Fr. Ripperger  19:51

There can be one or more demons. The same demon can be possessor in a number of different cases. At one point, I had Beelzebub in three separate cases. So he can be a possessor in a variety of different people at the same time. It's analogous, I tell people, “You know, demons are like us, they are greedy.” So, you know, people keep thinking, “I gotta get more money in the bank account”, you know? And people people would never ask you, “How can you possess more than $1 at a time?” Well it’s the same thing with demons. People will say, “Well how can a demon possess more than one person at a time?” Well, they collect them. Literally, they try and do that (collect people), they're trying to get people to do things and this is why mortal sin is so damaging because it’s the door opener to demons getting in and I'm not talking about just the really wicked kinds of mortal sins, like killing people, although the more extremely disordered it is, usually the more of a door opener it is. People can become possessed, as I have seen, through a mortal sin of pride. That’s all it took was the mortal sin of pride. I’ve seen people possessed through fornication. This is not something that I would encourage people to be doing, despite our modern context. It's actually something that's very damaging on a variety of levels, not just on a spiritual level but on a psychological level.

Fr. Ripperger  21:13

In possession there are two kinds of cases, there are those that you can liberate without faculties from the bishop and those that you can only liberate with the faculties from the bishop. Basically what the faculties do is the faculties allow you, as a priest, to use the power of the Church and to say certain rituals which are more efficacious. Then there are some prayers that you can simply say without any further permissions. Those are called prayers of liberation. There are some people who are possessed, that can be liberated without getting faculties. In fact, I would say, it’s probably about 30% or 40% of them can be liberated without faculties. But the demons know (when faculties are necessary). If you need faculties and you start wailing on them, they will kind of take it for a little while, but after a while, they start getting annoyed with you, they'll just say, “Where's your authority?” And that's a sign that you have to get the permission from the bishop which gives you the authority of the Church in order to act upon them. This is one of the reasons why even the Protestants know that there are certain cases that only Catholics can break. There was a case in New York where there was a guy who was possessed, he was doing the levitation thing, sticking to the ceiling and the Protestants are like, “Well, let's just go in and liberate the individual.” They go in there and they got beat within an inch of their lives and while they were being beaten, the demon said, “You have no authority over me.” This is because there are certain kinds of possession that require the authority of the Catholic Church (in order to liberate the possessed person). So they got the exorcist from the diocese come in. He commands the thing by the power of the Church to come down (from the ceiling), the guy descends, and then they cuff him and haul him off, etc. But the  point being is that the Church has authority, which is the power of Christ of course, because Christ conveyed this authority to the Church, which is part of its Tradition which is passed on from every generation. It's that authority which has that capacity to drive them (the demons) out. Again, ultimately all of the possession and everything is ultimately about Christ.

Fr. Ripperger  23:28

You know, I have said before that this is kind of like being on the receiving end of a sewer pipe. You see a lot of garbage. I mean, you you find out things about people's lives, you also find out things about the demon’s sin, because once you find out what their sin is, and that gets back to my original point.... When you find out what the demon’s sin is, that is his weakness. Then you just keep hammering and keep hammering him about that (his sin) until he folds, because that's his weakness.

Fr. Ripperger  23:57

So a lot of people think that, “Oh if I get involved in witchcraft,” which by the way is a mortal sin against the first commandment, “I'll say this little spell and this guy I wanted to be my boyfriend will come and be my boyfriend.” That’s usually not how it works. I mean, I have seen it work that way, but in point in fact, usually it ends up very badly. The point is that through that (witchcraft) they think that they're getting empowered but in point in fact, what's happening is that they're becoming weak. People (who practice witchcraft) become extremely weak. And it's the same thing with the demons, once you find out what their sin is, that’s it (they are on the ropes). Once you find out what their name is, then you also know who they are and what sin they committed, and  then you have it (control). That’s why they just, they'll do anything but tell you their name because a name conveys authority. When all the animals were created, He (God) brought them to Adam, to name. Why? To show Adam that he had authority over them.  That's why parents can name you, because they have authority over you. Well, it's the same thing in relationship to the demons because once you know their name, then you (The Catholic Exorcist) can apply the authority from the Church over them in a way that can't be applied otherwise. Okay, so we have thus far covered, temptation, oppression, obsession, and possession. (*Trancriber’s note: Temptation is the ordinary form of diabolical influence. Oppression, obsession, and possession are extraordinary forms of diabolical influence.)

Fr. Ripperger  25:20

4.) The next one (Form of extraordinary diabolical influence) is called  subjugation. That's when people make a pact to the devil, which usually leads to possession. That’s usually when they make a pact with the devil. It's real. It happens. It's very common, actually. It’s much more common than you would think. Those kinds of possessions are usually the hardest to break, except for one other kind; That's when children or people are used in ritualistic sacrifices or satanic ritualistic sacrifices when they're young. If that happens to them and they become possessed, those are extremely hard to break. So subjugation, you know, the guy cuts himself and you know, makes a blood pact with the devil. It’s real. It happens.

Fr. Ripperger  26:05

5.) The last one is infestation, that's when the demons get into the house and that's usually because someone does something evil, or they or some witch will cast some kind of curse on them and they’ll actually go over there and infest the house and things like that. That's pretty common. It's much more common than you would think. One time, I was training an exorcist and we got a phone call from the neighboring diocese because they didn't have an exorcist and there was this woman who thought she was possessed and she thought her land was possessed and we said, “Well, how did you come to this knowledge?” She responded, “Well, We called these paranormal guys to come and look at this and they got in there and said, ‘Well, this is bigger than us. We need to get a priest in here.’” Well sure enough, the land was possessed. We got that cleaned up. I don't know if the woman was possessed. I did some prayers over her. She said that after that she didn’t have her problems. Fine. But after I got done with her, I told the two guys that were standard paranormal dudes and I said, “If you could just leave, I'd like to talk to them privately.” I told them to have a seat. I said, “This is just a word of the wise, I suggest you get out of this line of work.” And they said, “Well, why is that?” I said, “Because if you go into a house and there's something a little bit bigger there than you're capable of handling, you can get whacked.” And they were like, “Oh yea we know that. That’s why we bring you in.” And I say, “By that time, it's already too late.” Curiosity opens the door when people go to cemeteries or when they go to these possessed houses or when they go to houses that are haunted. Haunted.... we will talk about that in a minute. When they go to these kinds of things, that kind of curiosity is a door opener. When the guy got up and left, he looked at the other exorcist and I said, “The head paranormal guy, He's already possessed.” I normally can't tell when people are possessed (by merely looking at them) but there are some people that I can look at them and I can say, just because I've seen the look so many different times, that I can look at that person and say, “That person is possessed.” This guy was possessed. This is one of the reasons why you just don't go around watching those things and doing those things because you don't need to know that stuff.

Fr. Ripperger  28:09

What's a haunted house? Are they real? Yes, of course they're real, but what they actually are, most people don't understand. There are two kinds of ways in which a house can become spiritually influenced in a sense. The first way is when there's demons in there, and usually the way that you determine that is because of the fact that they're malignant. They are going around breaking things and causing things and moving things around and making your life miserable by waking up at night, or holding you down at night, that type of thing. Whereas if it's a disembodied spirit, which is someone who's been alive and then appearing there, they aren't that way. They’ll just appear, they’re there for a while and then leave. I've seen cases like that, actually. I have not personally seen the person (disembodied spirit) appear, but I have had cases where I've had to go to houses where that was actually happening and it's a very simple procedure. You still do the exorcism, just to make sure there's no demons lurking around, but then what you do is, you say a Mass for the repose of the person's soul. You obtain a plenary indulgence and it works like absolute clockwork. The person will stop appearing. So anyway, the moral of the story is if you find out that some house is haunted, it’s not a good form of entertainment to go in there and say, “Let’s see if anything moves around.”

Fr. Ripperger  29:35

There are different kinds of demons. There’s what they call clinging spirits, those are the ones that kind of stick to you and you can't seem to shake them. So in that case it usually takes a little bit of prayer, you have got to beef your prayer up. Then there’s what's called generational spirits, they are very common and their spirits are passed from generation to generation in the family line. So for instance, if you see in a particular family, someone, usually the father will commit a sin and it opens the door for the demon to come into the home. Then it starts slowly affecting other people in the family and then once it jumps to the next person, by jumping, I mean in the sense that it gains influence over the person, then when they get married, they're bringing that with them. Then as a result, when they have their kids it is very often passed to their kids. There is a reason why the Church actually does exorcisms at Baptisms and that’s why. Another reason is, and we don't see that too much in this culture, although it's on the rise.... you see it more in places like Italy, in the Third World countries where women who might have a little bit of a fight and then one of them to get back at them will put a curse on the woman's child. Which is something that’s very common. Curses are becoming more and more common because people are dabbling in this kind of a thing and it's becoming a bit of a problem. With the rise of witchcraft and things like that, it's really becoming a problem.

Fr. Ripperger  31:05

There are some things that you can do to protect yourself. You know, after you give a talk like this, everyone goes home a little on edge. Look, if you ask Christ and Our Lady for protection, they’ll grant it to you. St. Michael will grant it to you. There are certain things that you have to do on your part. First, your primary means of protection against any diabolic influence is your state of grace, which means never allow yourself to fall into mortal sin. Ever. Because if you're in the state of grace, the demons are far less likely to want to get involved with you. Because why? Because when Christ puts an investment in something He’ll do a little bit to protect the investment. If He’s brought you into the state of grace, He is going to try to protect that more. But also, the fact that your state of grace is the means by which you merit protection. See, most people have this idea that if I perform a good action, somehow or another God is gonna reward me. That is absolute garbage and there is a reason for that. It's not that the action is good, it’s that you don't deserve anything, you don't deserve any merit in heaven at all for any good action, except, in so far as you being in the state of grace, merit, something in the eyes of God because of the fact that you're participating in His nature. It is because you're participating in divine nature that God will look at that and say, “You deserve a reward for that good action.” It's not just that you've done a good deed. If you're in the state of mortal sin and you do a good action, you get nothing for it, except for maybe some natural benefit. It’s the same thing in the spiritual warfare. If you're not in the state of grace, you can't pray to Our Lord and ask for protection. I mean, you can and He might protect you under certain circumstances, and normally He will, but the fact is that He doesn't have to grant the effect of your prayer. Whereas if you're in the state of grace, He’ll readily grant that (protection) to you. That means you have got to keep staying in the state of grace if you're doing this.

Fr. Ripperger  33:11

The other thing is humility, demons can’t stand someone who's humble. In fact one time a demon said to me about Our Lady that Her power is in Her humility. Our Lady never committed an act of pride. Ever. Her entire life, She knew Her nothingness before God. It was through Her humility that She subjected Herself and submitted Herself to watching Her Son put to a brutal death. It was through Her humility that She recognized that She Herself had to carry that cross at Calvary with Him. Why is humility so powerful in relationship to evil? It’s from the fact that they (the demons) all committed pride in their sin, but it really boils down to this... humility is the virtue by which you are willing to lead your life in accordance with the truth and you don't judge yourself greater than you are. Now when you judge yourself greater than you are, what's your tendency? To take off or bite off more than you can chew or do things that you have no business doing. Whereas if you're humble, you won't do that. Right?

Fr. Ripperger  34:28

So what’s this mean? It means that God can't work with the proud man. He can't use that person as an instrument. Why? Because the proud person is constantly going off and doing stuff that he thinks is right for him and that he should get etc. and that, you know he thinks, “This is good for me.” I always tell people, and this is coming from a guy who has six academic degrees, most people have no business being in college, myself was included. The reason being is because people have this idea that well, “I'm entitled to go to college, I came and I paid my thing. I'm entitled to a degree.” No you’re not. A hundred years ago, most people didn't even finish eighth grade and then out of that percentage, maybe one in five finished high school. Out of that, maybe one in one hundred got a bachelor's and out of that maybe one in ten was asked to go on to get a masters. And out of that maybe one in five went on to get a doctorate. Today, doctorates are dime a dozen. I know I've got one myself. So the point being is and then we will kind of try to wrap this up a little bit... the point is that it's the humility. Why? Because it is through humility, the person doesn't bite off more than they can chew. They don't block God by thinking pridefully.

Fr. Ripperger  35:48

Pride fills our head with mush and it makes us judge ourselves in the wrong way so we end up doing wrong things and we block God's ability to work through us. Whereas when you're humble, you know your nothingness and it's through that nothingness that Christ can actually work because He knows you're going to do what He prompts you to do, not what you want to do through your pride. That’s why the demons are afraid of the humble person because they know if they're humble, and if they (the demons) go and try to tempt them then they're going to get whacked because God will work through them (the humble person). The proud man, they (the demons) know that they can manipulate. Right?

Fr. Ripperger  36:30

So there are some things that you can do (To spiritually protect yourself). There are some sacramentals that you can use. Holy Water, especially if it's done in the old rite, because there's exorcisms attached to it, even though in the new rite the holy water is good too because it's blessed but it doesn't have the exorcisms attached to it necessarily. (Other protective sacramentals are) Exorcised oil, exorcised salt, sacramentals like the St. Benedict medal, just having a crucifix, etc. There's another thing that is really important. When people come to me and they're possessed and they want to get their act together, I tell them the first thing you've got to do is you've got to start leading a Catholic life. That means you're never going to fall into mortal sin again. I look at them and usually they're just like, okay. Second, you're going to get to Confession regularly and then because of your state I want you going once a week. Although for most lay people I say that they should go to Confession once a month or more frequently if you're falling into mortal sin. And you're going to get to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation and more frequently otherwise.

Fr. Ripperger  37:30

Next, you're going to engage in a life of prayer because prayer will break the demonic hold more rapidly. Most people have got the idea that it's the exorcist that liberates. I have not  liberated a single individual even though I've done over 7000 exorcisms. The reason being is because I do not in myself have the capacity to liberate anybody, only Our Lord does and those to whom He gives (the capacity to exorcise) like the saints, Our Lady, that type of thing. And so in every single case that I've ever had, it’s always been Our Lord doing it. Even though I might be somewhat of an instrument, really, it's Our Lord that's doing it but I would tell people that because of that, 90% of the work of getting liberated is on your part. You've got to fight this thing because he (the demon) is going to drive your emotions all over the place. The other thing is that you have to pray regularly, especially meditation. Saying the rosary and meditation are so important. Why? Well, you know, this demonic obsession I was talking about,  where it plays with a person’s thought, if a person can get to the point where they're meditating 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day, I guarantee you by the time they get to that stage, they will have broken any kind of demonic obsession. It works like clockwork. 

Fr. Ripperger  39:01

The meditation purifies your mind. Meditative prayer is the lifting of the the mind and heart to God and as you're doing that regularly, it purifies the mind. Why? Because God is purity itself and as you're lifting it (your heart and mind) to Him then there’s a certain kind of a purity that intellectually starts to take over the individual and demons don't want to deal with that. A pure mind they (the demons) can't take and that's one of the reasons why the person who is praying regularly, they (the demons) don't want to get involved with because they're going to get smacked. They know it. They (the demons) can’t stand being defeated even though they've been defeated by Calvary already and even though they continue to get humiliated by repeated defeats after that. They still are compulsive and they still want to punish us and that type of thing. Okay, we will stop there. 

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