The Auxilium Christianorum Explained by Fr. Ripperger

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There’s a group started by two exorcists, because they noticed that there were certain families where the parents would do everything that they possibly could to raise the child rightly and all of a sudden they’d have one of the kids for no apparent reason whatsoever go off in left field. The exorcists began to discover that this is probably diabolic, so they set up this group called “Auxilium Christianorum”. Basically it’s a set of prayers that takes about 5 to 7 minutes a day. You also have to be saying the Rosary every day and leading a Catholic life in order to be a member but once you start saying these prayers, you become a member of this group called Auxilium Christianorum. Part of this prayer of this group is that they are praying for each other. So you’re literally plugging into tens of thousands of people praying for you and your family; right off the bat just by becoming a member. It’s doing extremely well, of course it’s been under attack a couple of times. Some might say, “Man that’s happening in your life life?!” Look if nothing bad was happening in my life, I would think to myself that I’m doing something wrong because the demons would be saying, “Hey look, you leave him alone, he’s doing our bidding.” But if you start beating up on them, that’s when they start going on the attack. So it (The Auxilium Christianorum) has been under a little bit of attack but it’s also been extremely effective. So it’s one of the groups that I would highly recommend that you join, especially for the sake of your family members and especially if you have one of them that’s having a real difficulty. I usually tell people, don’t have people say it until they are 16 or older, only because of the fact that very often people who have started saying these prayers, about 50% have noticed a drastic in a good way, a very significant change in their spiritual life; graces that they hadn’t had before, overcoming defects, overcoming vices, people in their family kind of getting their act together, that type of a thing and so some of them have experienced that the person has to be sufficiently old enough, mature enough spiritually, in order to be able to process some of the stuff that can happen. 

© 2019, Fr. Chad Ripperger - All Rights Reserved. 

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