Why Lucifer Rebelled: Explained by Exorcist Fr. Ripperger

This content is taken from a lecture given by Fr. Chad Ripperger on exorcism and it is transcribed here by Tony Capobianco.

Illustration for      John Milton’s     “     Paradise Lost     “ by      Gustave Doré     , 1866. {{PD-Art}}      {{PD-US}}

Illustration for John Milton’sParadise Lost“ by Gustave Doré, 1866. {{PD-Art}} {{PD-US}}

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Now according to Revelation, we know a third of them fell. They refused (to serve Christ) and their fall always is about Christ in relationship. There’s always some aspect about Christ that they will not accept. So for example, St. Louis Marie de Montfort tells us that Satan fell because he would not serve Our Lady, especially because of the fact that our Lord revealed to him, that there was going to be a woman that would so outstrip him in grace that she would have more grace than all of the people and all of the saints and all the angels combined and he (Satan) wouldn’t stand for it. So he wouldn’t serve. Non Serviam, I will not serve. He would not serve Christ because of the fact that he would not submit to Our Lady, that’s what St. Louis Marie de Montfort tells us. So every demon that you come across, there’s always some aspect (in relation) of Christ that was the reason why they fell.
— (Fr. Ripperger, Conference on Exorcism)